A World of Darkness

Nashville Unveiled is a twice monthly theatrical style roleplaying game in Nashville, Tennessee. The players take on the roles of humans and supernatural creatures such as Vampires, Changelings, and other creatures of legend that inhabit a fictional version of the modern day world. We create stories set in the World of Darkness, a universe created by White Wolf, a publisher of various fantasy and horror themed systems. It is basically the current world with a subtle and supernatural twist. Think "X Files" or "Fringe", only the stories are usually told from the perspective of one of the supernatural inhabitants of the world.

New Players are welcome. No experience needed: we'll help you get started. We're a friendly and open group.

The basics are pretty similar to either improv theater or a tabletop roleplaying game: people portray their characters, walking around and interacting with other characters. In Vampire, politics are rampant, with supernatural powers to sway minds and seduce others playing a major role... although all vampires are also predators in a blatant way as well. In Changeling, people choose from a wide range of creatures, including unique ones created by the player. These characters stand between the real world and forces beyond it, making contracts with reality and fate to defend themselves and all of Nashville. In Werewolf, people portray legendary warriors defending both the spiritual and physical world from corruption and decay. In Mage, our characters are the reincarnated wielders of magic from fallen Atlantis, where hubris and overreach destroyed magic in the world, creating stories of ambition and personal demons.

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Mailing list | House Rules | Nashville Chief-Gazette (the in-character newspaper)

Game is every alternate Saturday of the month, plus a special game the first other Saturday of the month. The doors open and we gather together at 12 noon, with first game starting at 1pm, and the second game starting at 5pm. We meet at a house across from Bernard Park, and play either in the house or in the park depending on the game and weather.

Where: 2117 Bernard Ave., Nashville, TN Look for the red door.

skull Vampire the Requiem
A Storytelling game of the Danse Macabre

Vampire begins at 5pm, right after Mage finishes. New players are encouraged to show up between 3pm and 5pm, during sign-in, during which time they can get help creating a character.

Setting Information

Nashville Chief-Gazette

skull Changeling the Lost
A Storytelling game of Epic Fantasy

Changeling has been replaced with Mage, which starts at 3pm, before Vampire. If there is interest, it can be restarted.

Setting Information

Background of Changeling in Nashville (PDF)

skull Werewolf the Enraged
A Storytelling game of Legendary Warriors

Werewolf starts at 1pm, wrapping around 4:30pm, right before Vampire. New players are encouraged to show up at noon, during sign-in, during which time they can get help creating a character. Werewolf uses the Apocolypse setting and the new 2013 revised rules.

Setting Information

skull Changeling the Awakened
A Storytelling game of Magic and Hubris

Mage starts at 1pm, wrapping around 4:30pm, right before Vampire. New players are encouraged to show up at noon, during sign-in, during which time they can get help creating a character.


We also host a Vampire the Masquerade game, which is currently transitioning from Camarilla to Sabbat as of May 2014. More information should be available soon (and the Camarilla game will hopefully return soon!).

What is a LARP?

Live Action Roleplaying is similar to a murder mystery dinner party. It is a cross between improvisational theater and a board game. Players in the group create a character that they play out over many games, developing their character and his or her relationship to the other characters.

Characters move around in a given area and interact socially with each other, sometimes with props or clues regarding the current stories that they are participating in. When two players take actions that conflict, it is resolved through either rolling dice or drawing cards. Acts of violence (swinging a sword, kicking somebody) are always resolved through cards or dice.

You are not confined to having your character match your physical appearance: an 18 year old hipster might play a 62 year old business tycoon. Or they might portray a 600 year old vampire or a priest who happens to be a werewolf.

Finally, just in case you might be concerned: this is a form of entertainment. We do not actually think we have magical powers any more than an actor playing Peter Pan on stage believes that she can actually fly.

Contact Us

To contact us, email Evan Edwards at storytellers@nashvilleunveiled.com or call Evan at (814) 889-8845.


Games are held at Bernard Park and a house across the street from the park. We gather at 2117 Bernard Avenue.

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