Infinite Edge


This is a tabletop roleplaying game, open to all. Set in the distant future and using the Chronicles of Darkness roleplaying game with the optional cyberpunk and space opera rulebooks, this is a game about being Big Damn Heroes in a frontier solar system being colonized by Mega corporations. The setting is full of futuristic high-tech and strange science, where creatures of legend walk the streets openly.

You play colonists, mostly unwanted individuals from the core systems. This being a cyberpunk and urban fantasy mix, you may have a character who is human, augmented, AI, psychic, or even a werewolf, mage, vampire, or something exotic like an elemental, centaur, or ogre.

This is a more story-oriented system, and play tends to be epic in scale.

Inspirations include: Killjoys, Firefly, Bladerunner, and Hellboy.