Vampire the Masquerade

Our Vampire the Masquerade LARP is a Tremere game set in Oak Ridge, Tennessee during the 1940s. Oak Ridge during this era was a backwoods location that held one of the closest guarded secrets of World War II: they were the home of a massive industrial effort to refine uranium and plutonium for the first atomic weapons. The Federal government hid a great secret in the city, just as the Tremere of the Camarilla hid their secrets. In this small town, the two will collide.

The game uses the V20 system published by Onyx Path, the 20th anniversary compilation and refinement of the classic Vampire the Masquerade crafted by the authors and artists who created the original game.

Prior Game

Prior to January 2020, the game was part of the Mind’s Eye Society. Infinite Edge remains as a MES game, and we welcome MES players to contact our domain; we have a few active players.