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Family and co-conspirators, a society of monsters expecting guests for dinner. That’s who we are tonight.
Scratch — or bite — anyone deep enough and you reveal the Beast inside. We are many kinds of monster. But we are all Kindred, for we were once human.

Take on the role of an immortal monster engaging in the Danse Macabre: the many paths of eternal life. Characters explore the implications of being a predator of the city and part of the hidden world of the All Night Society. Craft a unique mythic creature and story!

All around us, hidden in the modern day, different families of vampires live in complex societies that span the globe, but are unknown to almost all humans. Embracing – the act of turning a human into a vampire – is rare, and stamps the intrinsic powers and weaknesses into the newly created vampire. Unlike in folklore, the mere act of being bitten does nothing, and almost all vampires have natural capabilities to hunt and feed without leaving any memory or wound.

The many different bloodlines are organized roughly into five clans. More important to most are the religious, political or philosophical Covenants that form the basis of vampire society.

For New Players

No experience is needed – we’re happy to help somebody who has never played learn how to participate, creating a character for them and giving them some starting direction.

Looking to learn what something means or how to pronounce it? Check out the Glossary.

White Wolf books are available at local bookstores. Multiple copies are also available before and during game. If you like reading PDFs or want a copy of your own, they are also all available at DriveThruRPG. Make sure to get the Second Edition.


While all books are allowed pending Storyteller approval – even custom created things written according to the guidelines in the books, here are the core books we are using:

  • Vampire the Requiem, Second Edition – This is the main book for Requiem. With this book, you get all the rules and base setting. We recommend against reading the section on the Strix to keep them mysterious.
  • Blood Sorcery: Sacraments and Blasphemies – This book, recommended in the Second Edition corebook, covers advanced powers of the blood for all Clans and Covenants, and we use the optional Theme based system for Theban and Cruác, the miracles and rituals of the Lancea et Sanctum and Circle of the Crone. Be aware that while this is recommended in the 2e book, it is a first edition rulebook, and so defense vs. armor works differently, plus the second edition of Requiem adjusts a few things specifically for this book.
  • Hurt Locker – If you are interested in Combat, this covers in depth a number of aspects and systems for more interesting options. It also covers psychic vampires, a completely different kind of vampire.
  • Secrets of the Covenants – With some absolutely excellent expansions on the Covenants, the fiction section covers quite a bit about what vampires can do, and what kind of stories you can create.
  • The Strix Anthology – A book of short stories that help players envision the world of vampires, and the different Danse Macabre that might be found in various situations.

While they are first edition and thus items from them need Storyteller approval to be used in game1, the Clan and Covenant sourcebooks may also be used.

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” – Bram Stoker

  1. Honestly, the most common reason I say no is because there’s a better version of the same idea in 2e. – Evan