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The All Night Society in Nashville is currently run by the five global Covenants plus one minor Covenant, all of whom support Keith Roberts of the Invictus as Prince of the City of Nashville. All covenants are represented in the city, meeting monthly at the city’s Elysium at the Frist Center downtown.

Below is the geographic information generally known to vampires in Nashville. A mix of laws, treaties and tradition, it is observed by most vampires. Beyond this public (or at least “openly secret”) information, there is quite a bit of assignment of land and locations that are known only to Covenant, Clan or Coteries.

Havens, the place where individual vampires sleep during the day, are presumed to be entirely secret and shared with no other individual. The paranoia of otherwise immortal creatures is legendary when it comes to their one real point of true weakness.

  • Elysium is located in the “Patron’s Club,” a set of back rooms at the Frist, private and open all night. More details can be found here.

  • Daeva’s is a well known night club and the second floor is private and vampire friendly.

  • The Repository is a private organization known within the All Night Society as a neutral service, spanning the globe in select cities.

  • Cirque Monstres is a permanent circus located in the northern end of Nashville.

Covenants have specific locations and individuals known only to them. The AT&T building is known to be a strange location controlled by the Carthian Movement, and there is an odd order of vampires controlling Percy Priest Lake connected to the Circle of the Crone, or possibly members of that covenant. Only the Circle knows for sure. An Academy is rumored to exist that the Ordo Dracul use for their secret purposes. Rutledge Hill is home to the Black Church of the Lancea et Sanctum, and the Invictus have a wide and powerful network that controls much of the industry and politics of Nashville.