The History of Nashville in Requiem

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Five years after a call to meet, extraordinarily powerful vampires and their envoys from across Europe gather in a dark valley northwest of Dournazac, Gaul to discuss the now apparent collapse of civilization and the existential threats against all of vampires and all humans. These threats are now poised to destroy Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa as a prelude to claiming the world entire. Plans are set in place, and in just over a decade, the entire Empire is split as one of the great civilizations on the planet falls to the Dark Ages.


The Mississipian culture expands through the midwest and south of what is now the United States. Various villages form in the Nashville area, but disappear quickly, leaving the area empty of any human settlements until Europeans arrive. The area is literally the end of the Nachez Trace trail, and a hunting ground, but no further villages are built on the land.


Bluff Station is constructed by colonial settlers - the structure marks the founding of Fort Nashborough.


In legend, Malcom Durica (Ca, G) is the first to vampire to claim Nashborough. He arrives by boat with a large group of 60 families to settle the area.


John Overton begins building his new home Travelers Rest. He names the property Golgotha due to the huge numbers of human skulls dug up when the foundation is dug. The Mississipian culture village had been the largest in the area.


Tennessee joins the Confederacy. While many individual vampires vary, in general the Carthian, Circle, and Lancean vampires support the rebels, while the Invictus and Ordo lead the Union Nashville quickly falls to Union occupation.


The Battle of Nashville goes poorly when the Lancea throw in with the Union army. Lancea become the dominant Covenant.


The Brick Church Mound, a Mississippian culture site, is discovered. A team burrows into the mound, then rapidly exits, filling in their tunnel and hiding all traces of the effort. It will be nearly a century – and after the original explorers have all died – before any excavation is made.


The Deucalion bloodline is declared outlaw in Nashville due to their flagrant violations of Masquerade to block desegregation.


Areas around the Brick Church Mound Mississipian culture site are excavated, revealing unique stone box graves, common only in areas around Nashville, that provide strong protection to the bodies from the ground around them.


Prince Conrad Tolliver (L, M) takes the city. He will be the last in a long line of Lancea princes


Glenda Douglass (I, V) takes the city by force. Promises are made to Gangrel clan members who supported her across Covenant lines


Eleven vampires slain, including the Hound, by werewolves during the early days of the Gulf War


The Night of Running Blood

A large number of Gangrels are implicated in the final death of their Priscus. No individual is brought to justice. Many Gangrels relocate to the Land Between the Lakes, declaring the large forests a Gangel Free Zone. Whispered rumors of a relationship with the Circle of the Crone are heard in following years.


October - An excavation at the Brick Church Mound Mississipian culture site discovers a series of precise clay human figures, male and female, and a unique perforated owl effigy rattle.


Crones are limited by decree of the Prince in the number of ghouls they may take due to troubling Crone dominance in farmlands and commerce around Nashville


Johnny Five Aces (I, V) replaces Tom Barrister (Cr, V) as Seneschal

An assault on the Ordo Dracul by forces unknown causes them to withdraw from several Wyrm’s Nests and lose several members to final death.


Johnny Five Aces (I, V) assumes the title of Prince as Douglass enters her torpor The floods of Nashville and other areas are attributed to weather patterns by mortal society, who seem to ignore the organized lynchings occurring in the area. In Nashville the victims are ignored entirely by all government organizations


Over the span of two weeks, strange beasts are seen walking brazenly through downtown. The media picks it up as a joke. There are rumors the Ordo has a hand in this, but no proof surfaces Vampires, especially those in East Nashville, report a large increase in aggressive blood dolls.


A demon cult is discovered that infects humans and causes vampires to decay.

A lunar meteor strike causes a minor rain of meteors from the moon. Virtually all burn up in the atmosphere, but a strange creature rides down with one. The city is overwhelmed by the inscrutable nature of the thing, turning to Athena who provides a hunting spear, and the werewolves (who call the creature an “Idigam”) to wield it as the vampires maintain peace. The meteor does little damage physically and is quickly forgotten in mortal circles as a mere curiosity, but the event changes the landscape supernaturally, shifting ley lines across the city.


Rumors of the Seven targeting Nashville plague the city, causing some to flee. Later, some return when the Seven is… somewhat dealt with.


In February, a cabal of kindred rise up against the Seneschal Malone, who has been ruling in the Prince’s stead. The group declares Praxis and takes the city. After a Threnody of great sacrifice, Miss Malone becomes Paulene, free of Johnny’s control, revealing his madness and supernatural obsession with the city.


November 7th 6:27pm: Nashville Dies

After months of nightmares of a fearful Monolith standing over the city, the Mad Prince Pinkerton diablaries City Father, the Spirit of the city itself, which combines with his Makavia and Strix to create a cosmic level threat that starts to shatter the walls between realms. Meanwhile, at Third and Demonbreun, a breach in reality at the Schermerman spawns a strange creature that the vampires and werewolves must handle while the mages of the city go toe to toe with the Mad Prince, Creator of the Monolith.

In the ashes of the Prince being annihilated, leaving only his trademark bowler, a new City Father rises of the new Nashville. While the old one was a country singer in a white rhinestone studded Nudie suit, the new young woman in an ultra trendy white dress bears more than a passing resemblance to Taylor Swift.


The Covenants throw their support behind Prince Keith Roberts (I). After a Circle created map causes problems with the city, an aspect of the Mad Prince briefly returns. A deal is struck that requires the city to remain static.

Iron Valley Correctional Facility begins operation Northwest of downtown on an isolated plot of land. The facility houses an estimated 300 inmates at any given time.

With the new Master of Elysium Drake Donovan (I), the mice of Elysium transcend their physical existence and move on, leaving Elysium in the care of Drake’s spiders.