Elysium is in the Frist Art Museum. It is the Patron’s Club, located to the north (to the left as you enter from the front), and has a private, walled parking lot.

The absolute authority when in Elysium is the Master of Elysium. When in Elysium or if Elysium is threatened, her commands are sacred and supported by the whole city, overriding Covenant or Prince.

Elysium is a social place, safe to all. There are four notable nearby locations within instant walking distance (no travel time in game terms):

  • Daeva’s is a location with fewer rules, suitable for plotting and serious one on one discussions that can turn into major social altercations. It is owned by Grace “Gir” Hall of the Ordo Dracul and operated as a safe location for all.
  • The McGavock Parking area, is a sunken pit, located well below the rest of downtown with train tracks running through. While still in public, it is a place where physical altercations may play out with some safety.
  • Invictus member Keith Roberts, Prince owns the Holiday Inn Express Nashville, across the street from the Frist.
  • The Carthians control the AT&T building a.k.a. the Batman Building, which is also nearby. It is extremely tall, with several floors inaccessible to non-vampires.

The Front

The front of the building is imposing, with two entrances, flanked by Eagles. These lead to a large lobby (the second photo below) that can look out onto Broadway and downtown.


The front of the building. The Patron’s Club is to the left.


The front lobby. The Patron’s Club is accessible at the far end, to the right.

The Private Parking Lot

The Patrons parking area is semi-private, with ten foot tall walls around it. See the photo below for the real world version, which has a low wall and a small gate rather than the in-game version with a high wall and fenced gate.


Note that this is incorrect. Read the description! Union Station is in the far background.

Back Parking Lot

See the “Area around Elysium” for now.

Back Entrance


Area around Elysium


Prince Keith Roberts owns the hotel across the street from the Frist.