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New Character Worksheet

View and Download Sheet

This is a very barebones walk through to create a new character. If you use this, please try to print it double sided so it stays together.

Declaration Form

Go to the Declaration Form

This is a simple form to fill out to let the staff know what you’re intending to do and declare what your character did between games. An example pair of declarations might be, “I call the Veteran’s Administration and get details on blood shipments to the VA hospital at Vanderbilt. I also buy a flare gun and toss it in my trunk.” Your character will then know the details of blood shipments (possibly after a quick card draw), and later that evening, if your character needs to let people know where they are in the woods, your character has a flare gun available.

Deadline - The form closes on the Thursday at 7pm before a game. It may be open later, depending on the schedule of the Storyteller. If you don’t make the deadline, please write any declarations down for game.

Changes to Sheet - Note that changes (including purchases with experience) are not made until you attend game and present your sheet. The staff will see you and confirm the changes, marking them on your character sheet. Until that is done, the purchase is not considered approved.