Laws of the Night

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This covers the “in character” laws in the game that your character must consider. These are not the “rules of the game” for players, which may be found in the Vampire the Requiem Second Edition book.

There are traditional and enforced rules in effect for vampires. Some are local and some are global.

The Traditions

Upheld and enforced by the global Covenants and most modern vampires, these are the most widely observed laws of vampires.

The First Tradition: Masquerade

Do not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so forfeits you your claim to the Blood.

The Second Tradition: Progeny

Sire another at the peril of both yourself and your progeny. If you create a childe, the weight is your own to bear.

The Third Tradition: Amaranth

You are forbidden from devouring the heartsblood of your Kindred. If you violate this commandment, the Beast calls to your own Blood.

About the Traditions


The Masquerade is what keeps humans from accepting the existence of vampires. Sure some people know: just like there are people who have seen UFOs or believe there is a hollow earth. They rant and rave in corners of the internet and late night radio, but the general public shrugs them off as quirky beliefs. The danger is mostly that a critical mass of believers takes action, or that the people who do know of vampires are driven to become vampire hunters.

Luckily, the Beast in every vampire is a supernatural and instictual predator. Vampires don’t show up in photos or videos in an identifiable way, face coincidentally turned away or blurred in frames, fingerprints are not left. So the primary task of vampires is to manuver people and beliefs rather than forensic games.

Finally, there are people who are part of the All Night Society as servants, blood dolls (those who give their blood willingly), and useful contacts. The ability to bring somebody in is dependent on politics and that vampire’s standing within the city.

The traditional protector of the First Tradtion are the vampires of the Invictus.

Laws of Nashville’s Elysium

Created by Master of Elysium Drake Donovan

Law the First: Make Elysium Fun!

By the word of the Master of Elysium, Elysium is no longer just a safe haven, but an area that is safe for every Kindred and their proclivities. Kindred live a stark existence, and only by letting off steam can Kindred truly focus to defend from the ravages the city may bring to bear.

Be it so told that Elysium is free for Kindred to express themselves as they see fit. The Masquerade shall be in place for travel to and from Elysium, but once inside, Kindred are free to be as they wish to be. Anyone who violates the Masquerade in pursuit of their proclivities on Elysium will be considered in violation of Elysium as well, and punishment decided by the Master of Elysium on top of the normal punishment the leadership seems to punish for the Masquerade violation.

Law the Second: Supernatural Powers Are Forbidden

In accordance with Law 1, no supernatural powers are usable on Elysium grounds. This includes the powers of supernatural hiding, as all are free to be seen as they so desire, but none may use Elysium to hide and surprise a victim.

Violators of this law will have punishment decided by the Master of Elysium, up to and including the revocation of Elysium’s protection, for taking the sanctity of Elysium for granted.

Law the Third: Damage to Property is Damage to Elysium

Any furniture or staff of the Frist is considered property if Elysium, and if anything unbecoming happens to property of Elysium is subject to punishment by the Master of Elysium’s word. The definition of the word “damage” is flexible, and also applies to manipulating relationships or allegiances with people or creatures associated with Elysium as well. The Master of Elysium is possessive and suspicious, and tends to react poorly when people try to interfere with his things.

Law the Fourth: No Violence on Elysium; Don’t Be Savages

Violence, of any kind, on Elysium is explicitly forbidden. This could be physical, mental, or emotional, and can occur through multiple possible avenues (mundane or supernatural). If someone is suspected of violating this Law, the advisor must present the case to the Master of Elysium to decide upon.

This Law does not apply when there is a physical threat to Elysium, which is determined by the Master of Elysium only. Any taking matters of Elysium into their own hands will be considered in violation of Elysium.

Law the Fifth: Elysium Boundaries

Elysium extends from the top of the Nosferatu Warrens below, to the roof of the Frist Art Museum. The interior portions of Elysium are covered by every Law listed above (Laws 1 through 4), but the exterior is only governed by Laws 3 and 4.

The only piece that is exempt to any Law of Elysium is that of the room built into the parking lot. This territory belongs to Pedro Hernandez, and any accessing of this territory is solely up to the word of Pedro. Anyone who violates his personal territory is subject to punishment by the Master of Elysium, on top of what Pedro desires as recompense.

Law the Sixth: Lockdown

In the event of an emergency, the Master of Elysium may declare the Elysium under Lockdown. During a Lockdown, anyone entering or exiting Elysium will be checked for active abilities or influences on them, mind or body, any planted devices that may be a threat to the security of Elysium, or any attempts to smuggle items out of Elysium that they did not bring in.