We play two different vampire games locally.

Every other Saturday we play a game of personal stories and epic fantasy-horror titled Vampire the Requiem. It is a high supernatural setting of apex predators, unique creatures, and the hidden All Night Society that they live in, all part of the multifaceted Chronicles of Darkness published by Onyx Path. Mad scientists experimenting on themselves to become more than vampire, wild pagans with a pantheon of blood thirsty deities, solemn sanctified who pledge to be the tempters and retributions for their god, and much more. All players are welcome and can feel free to just show up and watch or jump right in.

Once a month we play the classic 1990s gothic-punk fetish, fashion, and fangs setting of Vampire the Masquerade published by By Night Studios. An eternal game of political chess with you as pawns of the powerful vampires that control the world. This particular game is part of the national Mind’s Eye Society, and while a paid membership is needed to participate fully, we welcome new players to try it out for free.

Both are radically different takes on the vampire mythos, and appeal to different tastes and playstyles.